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Shawn Godwin
Base Architects 


Centor interviewed Shawn Godwin from Base Architecture about using Centor's blind system in his award-winning home.

Leading architect, and founder and director of Base Architecture, Shawn Godwin, installed the Centor S1E Eco-Screen™ in his own home, and sees enormous potential for the screen and blind system in the homes and buildings he designs.

"This system solves all our problems. We push the blind across to protect us from the early morning sun and open it to enjoy the outdoors.

"The industry has been looking for this sort of system for some time.

"Blinds have always been an issue for architects ensuring they won't clash with windows when open, or look like some clunky add on. These just disappear. They are brilliant.

"The science and research behind opening and closing the Centor screens and blinds is more sophisticated than anything available.

"The very idea of a screen is that you don't want to see the window or door mechanism. Centor's screens are clean-lined and concealed and aesthetically very pleasing.

"In the Australian climate everyone wants to live outdoors but when we design houses that bring in the outdoors they also bring in unwanted sun, insects and prying eyes.

"Privacy and protection from insects and sun has to date meant changing the whole dynamics of the look and feel of the design. The Centor blind and screen combinations change all that. They allow the building to stay true to its outdoor design.

"Without products like the Centor screens and blinds it is hard for some of our designs to get sold to the market. It is clearly the best system around.

"The option of living outdoors is now fully protected.

"The traditional media room design is changing and increasingly includes windows. The Centor system not only blocks out the light it becomes an option for a projector screen.

"Combined with new glazing options that emit heat, the S1E Eco-screen can be explored for full solar reflector benefits.

"This system solves all the problems. The Centor S1E system fits all needs."