Installing a Centor blind in your home is a sustainable option. The blind improves an opening’s thermal performance by deflecting UV rays and transforming the opening to the equivalent of adding an extra layer of glazing. This improves the efficiency of cooling and heating in your home.

The blind reflects up to 95% of sunlight and reduces temperature transfer through the doors. This keeps interiors cooler and makes air-conditioner use more efficient, reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

In colder weather, the blind creates a sealed air pocket between the blind fabric and the door, so single-glazed openings will perform as double-glazed (and double-glazed as triple-glazed). In cold weather, less heat is lost through the doors, and less cold air can come inside. 

Where to buy
To find your nearest Centor blind supplier, call us on 1300 CENTOR (+61 7 3868 5777).


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