A five-year warranty and exhaustive testing mean you can be confident your Centor blind will withstand real-life use. The system has passed 400,000 cycle tests, and has been exposed to dust, mud, sand and salt spray. It has also been impact tested 100 times with a 17 kg punching bag to simulate the bumps expected in real-life use. 

The blind is made from hardwearing fibreglass/PVC fabric and is available in a range of colours. The operating mechanisms are self-contained and require no maintenance other than keeping the tracking clear of dirt and debris. If the blind is pulled out of its track, the self-feeding mechanism will return the blind to its correct position by simply retracting it. 

Technology developed by Centor ensures the blind stays straight and tight across the widest spans (up to 7.6 m). This combination of sturdy material, testing and thoughtful design ensures your Centor screen system will operate as new for many years.

For further details on Centor’s five-year warranty, visit our Warranty page.

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