Centor E2i
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The E2i is an internal bifold system based on Centor's standard E2 hardware system for external applications. The E2i has no bottom sill, creating seamless transitions between indoor spaces. For this reason, no costly tile or concrete cutting is required for installation.

For use in internal applications only, E2i creates seamless transitions between rooms and internal spaces. All the space creating benefits and proven technology of the versatile E2 system are preserved.

E2i features include:

  • Centor exclusive laterally adjustable bottom pivot
  • All stainless steel construction
  • No need for costly tile and concrete cutting
  • Complete horizontal and vertical adjustment



   E2i Specifications  
   max panel weight    40kg
   max opening width    8m
   max panel height    3000mm
   max panel width    1000mm
   min panel thickness    35mm
   max number of panels    4 left + 4 right