Design freedom

There is a Centor folding door system to suit every application, giving you the design freedom to achieve the exact folding opening you want, without compromise.

Bifold doors moved by Centor systems can be constructed in any combination up to the following parameters.

  Max opening width   Up to 17.6 m
  Max opening height   Up to 4 m
  Max door panel weight   Up to 120 kg
  Max door panel width   Up to 110 cm
  Max number of panels   16 (up to 8 left and 8 right)
  Opening   Inward and outward
  Left, right or left and right
  Applications   External
  New buildings and large renovations
  Small-scale renovations
  Door materials   Aluminium

The large range of carrying capacities offers a host of design possibilities, from lightweight timber shutters to double or triple -glazed doors. This allows you to choose the exact door material you desire for aesthetics, function and energy efficiency.

Theodore Kerlidis, principal at K20 Architecture, chose Centor folding doors in his Ward Street project “because of their ability to open the façades end to end. The design required that the total space be accessible and to create a combined interior-exterior space” he said.

Choosing doors moved by Centor means you can be confident you will achieve the exact opening you desire.

Visit our Gallery for ideas on how Centor folding systems could transform your home. Find your nearest door and window manufacturer moved by Centor by calling 1300 CENTOR.


Where to buy
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