Fingertip operation

Centor built its reputation for systems that operate with just the touch of a fingertip with its folding door systems. Centor brought this same dedication to ease of use when it developed its screens. One major consideration during the screen’s development was its ‘liveability’. It thus had to pass the ‘barbecue test’ where a person must be able to operate the screen easily, with a tray of drinks or food in hand.

The screen can be opened and shut from any height on the stile, so even small children can operate it. With no crude spring loading to fight against, the screen remains firmly in any chosen position across the opening. This is thanks to Centor’s patent pending Load Balancing Technology™.

Award-winning architect James Russell installed a Centor screen in his home. "It slides effortlessly with one finger allowing you to control the house and still enjoy the breezes, fresh air and outside noises."

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