Centor has solved the problem of how to screen large openings, while preserving your views and your indoor-outdoor space. Centor spent 40,000 hours developing its retractable insect screen with ‘unobtrusive’ as one of its primary goals. 

The Centor screen completely retracts into the doorjamb when not in use. The mesh is sheer, and there are no grills or horizontal bars to detract from the view. The screen is barely noticeable when in use, and completely disappears when you don’t need it. 

The screens were designed specifically for use with folding doors with the aim of preserving the vistas created by a folding opening.

Leading Australian architect James Russell installed the screens in his award-winning home. “As there are no panels or mullions in the screens, there is nothing to impair the view or break up the scene.”

“After you’ve looked into the courtyard there is no memory of the screens you have just looked through. Even inside, we feel we are living in a veranda space,” he says.

Another award-winning Australian architect, James Forbes also installed the screen in his home. “The screen is extremely discreet at the doorjambs; so much so that if you don’t know it’s there you would think it’s part of the door detail rather than a functioning fly screen that retracts.”

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