Centor offers a versatile range of insect screens, providing a discreet and functional screening option for folding doors and windows, kitchen serveries, sliding and French doors. 

For large openings
Centor’s S1E Eco-Screen was specifically designed for bifold-scale openings up to 7.6 m wide. It can also be installed with sliding and French doors. 

Screen and blind combination
A screen and blind can be combined in a single unit in openings up to 3.9 m wide. 

Screen integrated with a folding door
Designed specifically for the Australian market, the ES2 integrates the retractable insect screen and a folding door system into one unit.

Screen integrated with a folding window
The Centor EW folding window system with integrated screen is perfect for kitchen serveries or as an alternative to traditional windows in other areas of your home.

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