Fingertip operation

Centor established its reputation for systems that are a breeze to operate with its sliding door systems, which we have been creating since our founding in 1951. Even in door sets up to the maximum configuration of 400 kg panels, doors will still glide. This makes doors moved by Centor easy to use even for children. This is thanks to a combination of thoughtful design and robust materials. 

Homeowner and builder Kris Johnson used Centor sliding systems in his home. “Practically, [it’s] amazing; it almost slides too easily considering the weight of the doors”.

Architect Elizabeth Watson-Brown frequently specifies Centor sliding systems in her projects. “We think it is incredibly efficient for moving very large panels, so you get these dramatic openings. It's a very easy mechanism to use…It's really easy for kids and everyone to push it and there's no real limit to the width of the opening you have and once it's open it's away.”

To find your nearest door and window manufacturer moved by Centor sliding systems, call us on 1300 CENTOR (+61 7 3868 5777).


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